libhfp Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
BtDeviceBluetooth Device Record
BtHciBluetooth Local Adapter Record
BtHubBluetooth Device Manager
BtManagedBase Class for Bluetooth Reference-Counted Objects
BtServiceService object base class
BtSessionSession object base class
CallbackStored method callback class with templatized parameters and parameter remapping
CallbackAdapterBase class for Callback, handles parameter adaptation
DispatchInterfaceEnvironment-Independent Event Dispatcher Interface
ErrorInfoFailure description class
HfpPendingCommandAudio Gateway Pending Command Object
HfpServiceService Handler for Hands-Free Profile
HfpSessionSession object for Hands-Free Profile
ListItemEmbedded Doubly-Linked-List Class
ListMergeSortMerge-sort functor for ListItem lists
ListRadixSortRadix-sort functor for ListItem lists
RfcommServiceService building block for RFCOMM profiles
RfcommSessionSession building block for RFCOMM profiles
SListItemEmbedded Singly-linked list Class
SListQueueQueue head for SListItem elements supporting FIFO operations
SListRadixSortRadix-sort functor for SListItem lists
SocketNotifierEnvironment-Independent Socket Notification Interface
SoundIoAudio Source/Sink Interface
SoundIoBufferAudio Buffer Descriptor
SoundIoBufferBaseSyncSoundIo skeleton with integrated buffer management
SoundIoDeviceListUtility class used to communicate a list of detected sound card names and descriptions associated with each driver
SoundIoFilterAudio Filtering and Signal Processing Interface
SoundIoFltSpeexSpeex signal processing filter
SoundIoFormatPCM Audio Data Format Descriptor
SoundIoManagerStreaming Audio Configuration Manager
SoundIoPropsBasic properties of a SoundIo object
SoundIoPumpAudio Data Pump
SoundIoPumpStatisticsStatistics structure for SoundIoPump
SoundIoQueueStateQueue State Descriptor of a SoundIo Object
SoundIoSpeexPropsSignal processing configuration for SoundIoFltSpeex
StringBufferDynamic-sized formatted string buffer
TimerNotifierEnvironment Independent Timer Notification Interface

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