ListRadixSort Class Template Reference
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Radix-sort functor for ListItem lists. More...

#include <list.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void Sort (ListItem &list, param_t parameter)
 Invokes the RadixSort algorithm.

Detailed Description

template<typename CompFunc>
class libhfp::ListRadixSort< CompFunc >

Radix-sort functor for ListItem lists.

Templated class with a single static function Sort(), used for sorting lists of any type of object, using the RadixSort algorithm. This is useful for sorting objects for which an integer sort value can be assigned to each. Note the restrictions below. This algorithm exhibits O(N) performance for sorting a list of N objects, guaranteed in all cases. It is usually preferable to MergeSort in cases where it can be used.

CompFunc Comparison function container-class.
The CompFunc container-class must contain the following members:

Member Function Documentation

static void Sort ( ListItem list,
param_t  parameter 
) [inline, static]

Invokes the RadixSort algorithm.

list List of items.
parameter Argument to the comparison function.

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