SoundIoFormat Struct Reference

PCM Audio Data Format Descriptor. More...

#include <soundio.h>

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Public Attributes

sio_sampletype_t sampletype
 Format of each sample.
unsigned int samplerate
 Number of sample records to play/record per second.
sio_sampnum_t packet_samps
 Number of sample records per packet.
uint8_t nchannels
 Number of channels per sample record.
uint8_t bytes_per_record
 Size of each sample record in bytes.

Detailed Description

PCM Audio Data Format Descriptor.

This structure describes the format of a PCM audio data stream. It has several defined use cases, including:

Member Data Documentation

sio_sampnum_t packet_samps

Number of sample records per packet.

Most audio hardware devices will not cause a software interrupt for each sample that is recorded or played back. Instead, an interrupion will occur after each group of samples, of a predetermined size, has been recorded or played back. In this code base, such groups are referred to as packets.

For telephony applications, this value should be minimized to a fraction of the desired latency, and the output buffer fill level should be maintained at the desired latency.

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